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Research collaboration between Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), South Korea, Swansea University, UK & IC2E, Rhodes, Greece
Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), International Centre for Computational Engineering (IC2E) and Swansea University (SU), UK have recently signed an International Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU) for collaborative research on Non-destructive Evaluation and Characterization of Composite Materials (NECCM).
The background is that KICT – a South Korean government funded research organisation, have recently assembled a bespoke 3D X-ray CT facility which is undoubtedly the largest in the world. It enables researchers to see and analyse pore-structure of materials from micro-scale to nano-scale during ‘live’ testing under mechanical, thermal and hydraulic loadings. Trials and calibrations of the machine are in progress. They have invited Swansea’s Department of Materials Engineering (Dr. Cris Arnold, e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to prepare samples of composite materials for scanning and analysis for a feasibility study. Swansea University in the UK is a premier league research-led University which has an international reputation in the areas of materials and computational engineering. The collaboration has been facilitated by the IC2E ( and is being coordinated by them. IC2E is an independent ‘not for profit’ educational organisation which has a vast pool of internationally known experts who offer their services for the advancement of science & engineering.
It is hoped that this research will establish the important role 3D X-ray Computer tomography in development, evaluation and increased use of high strength and highly durable carbon fibre based composites for the aviation industry.
The above collaboration is a result of Dr Hyu Shin (KICT), joining the Centre as a Distinguished Visitor for a period of one year (Feb. 2012 to Jan 2013) to collaborate with Professor Gyan Pande and other members of the Technical Committee of IC2E, to conduct a comprehensive survey of research trends in the field of convergence technologies in geotechnical engineering that incorporate condition monitoring, CT-imaging, numerical modelling and computational intelligence.