Who Are We?

The International Centre for Computational Engineering (IC2E) is a ‘not for profit‘ organisation registered as an educational institution in the Aegean island of RhodesGreece.

Following an initiative of Professor Gyan Pande of Swansea University, UK, the Centre has received support from a large number of internationally known experts in various branches of engineering sciences.

It is well recognised that electronic media and information technology including high-speed internet is going to play a crucial role in the education and training of engineers, scientists and all professionals in the 21st century. As the speed and prowess of computers increase manifolds, the world is gradually becoming a global village where people can communicate, learn and work together whilst being located remotely in different parts of the world. This enables the knowledge and expertise of highly specialised academics, researchers and professionals being made available globally to the student community and professionals seeking to update their knowledge through continuing education.

IC2E aims to provide an international forum and network of highly acclaimed international experts in various methodologies of computational engineering and intelligence in a setting of outstanding natural beauty of Rhodes. This aim will be achieved through:

  • Planning and organisation of themed international series of workshops, mini-symposia, short courses on advanced topics of computational engineering as well as courses on emerging technologies of computer intelligence for professional engineers, researchers, engineering analysts and software developers to bridge the gap between science and engineering practice.
  • Disseminating technical and scientific knowledge through publication of papers, course notes, books etc. in various soft and hard forms.
  • Setting up highly focussed themed international seminars and webinars for exchange of views for the solution of problems in the specific areas of engineering sciences to address the global issues of impact of climate change on infrastructure.


The IC2E is organized by two committees:


  • Jamshid Ghaboussi, University of Illinois, USA
  • Poul Lade, Catholic University of America, Washington, USA
  • Patrick Selvadurai, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Technical Advisory Committee

  • G. Beer (Austria)
  • A. Gens (Spain)
  • M. Hicks (NL)
  • T. Hueckel (USA)
  • R. L. Michalowski (USA)
  • D. Muir Wood (UK)
  • H. F. Schweiger (Austria)
  • H. Shin (Korea)
  • C. Tamagnini (Italy)
  • H.R. Thomas (UK)
  • S. Tsotsos (Greece)