In order to promote Computational Engineering and intelligence and its application to engineering practice, IC2E plans to organize a series of courses & seminars given by international experts.


The Third International Symposium on Computational Geomechanics (ComGeo III) will be held at Krakow, Poland, August 21-23, 2013.

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Program 2011-2012 for virtual Attendees

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Constitutive Relations for Geomaterials (CORGE)

A residential course to be held at the City Centre Hotel
Rhodes, Greece 8 – 10 December 2011

  1. IC2E_Courseoutline (Gyan Pande)
  2. Introduction to the theory of Elastoplasticity (Gyan Pande)
  3. Review of Soil Behavior in Triaxial Compression (Paul Lade)
  4. Basic Concepts of the Theory of Plasticity (Stan Pietruszczak)
  5. Elastic-perfectly plastic formulations (Stan Pietruszczak)
  6. Mohr-Coulomb material – associated & non-associated (Paul Lade)
  7. Strain Hardening Plasticity (Stan Pietruszczak)
  8. More on Strain Hardening Plasticity (Stan Pietruszczak)
  9. 3D Soil Behavior Measured in Laboratory Experiments (Paul Lade)
  10. Single Hardening Model and Its Capabilities (Paul Lade)
  11. Multilaminate framework for soils models (Gyan Pande)
  12. Review of available software numerical pitfalls & precautions (Gyan Pande)
  13. Models for the Elastic Behavior of Soils (Paul Lade)